Product Development

Ten Steps to Commercialisation

At MAIC we follow 10 step, iterative process to develop your adhesive solution.  5 steps at lab scale with the end result being your test sample.  Followed by 5 steps at production scale, the final result being your newly developed adhesive.

The 10-step process is a deeply embedded component of our organisation and it is how we reliably take a concept, then turn it into your solution.

Pilot coater

We can coat and laminate your substrates on our pilot coating line.  Risk-free trials to optimise the adhesive for your application.

  • Inline siliconizing
  • 300mm coating head
  • Backing roller
  • Multiple let off reels and wind up reels



Pilot coater

Other tests and equipment

  • Peel Adhesion (180o & 90o)
  • Loop Tack
  • Static Shear
  • Dynamic Shear
  • Shear Adhesion Failure Temp
  • High speed & Low-speed release force
  • Low-temperature testing
  • Accelerated Aging
  • Viscosity