Self Adhesive Labels

There are two main types of adhesive – permanent and removable

Either can be made from a variety of materials and the choice depends on the surfaces being bonded, the conditions the adhesive must function within and the longevity of the finished product

The label adhesive materials we use are styrenic rubber (suitable for general label applications and can be readily adjusted depending on the surface being bonded) and acrylic (suitable for difficult to bond to products or long-lasting products that require labels to withstand difficult conditions – such as harsh chemical environments and elevated temperatures).

Adhesive pillows

Label Applications

MAIC offers the complete range of hot melt adhesives for every type of self-adhesive label and label stock application.

  • Durable Labels
  • No Look Labels
  • Permanent Labels
  • Linerless Labels
  • Laser Printable Labels
  • Deep Freeze labels (-25oC application temperature)
  • Washable / recyclable labels